Activity of 9.20 Love Teeth Day held in Dalian university medical school 



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Activity of 9.20 Love Teeth Day held in Dalian university medical school

2019-05-29 10:45:49

Location: Dalian university bell tower square

Content of the activity: This Teeth-loving Day activity was held in the form of promoting popular science outdoor, which was divided into five parts.

Here are the five parts of the activities:

1. The right way of brushing teeth: The speaker prepared the video and teeth models so that the students who joined this activity could learn how to brush their teeth properly by watching the video and listening the vivid interpretation. And then they could completed by themselves.

2. The selection of the teeth cleaning tools: The speaker explained how to choose the proper toothbrush and toothpaste and helped the participants know the sorts of these tools.

3. The use of dental floss: The speaker set an example first, then the participants practiced by themselves.

4. The prevention of caries: The speaker interpreted the formation of caries and methods to prevent the caries by showing on the teeth models.  

5. The game time

The number of people covered: 1000

There were 28 popularizer of science joining this activity including 8 experts.

Five booths were designed for this activity. They were responsible for preaching the way of brushing teeth, the selection of the teeth cleaning tools, the use of dental floss, the prevention of caries and the game respectively.

This activity was successful because of the great effect of publicity .SO many people have benefited from the activity, which not only included the students, but also the people who worked in or out the school.