”Love Teeth Day on September 20” activity of 2018 



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”Love Teeth Day on September 20” activity of 2018

2018-09-28 15:34:30
Date: September 18

Place: Broadcasting and Television Center of Wenzhou City

Form: broadcasting education by participating in <<1039 life="" health="" guidelines="">> column of Wenzhou Economic Broadcasting

Activity Content: Popularization oral health care knowledge to civilians via broadcasting


Main Content of Broadcasting

Teeth are important components of oral cavity and chewing organs of human body, the importance of which is reflected as follows:

1. Basic functions of natural teeth are incising and crushing food, the efficiency of which is much higher than false teeth. Natural teeth possess proprioception, making food taste better. The reduction of chewing efficiency may give rise to Gastro-intestinal disease and malnutrition.

2. Loss of one or more teeth often result in disorders of the whole teeth system, such as adjacent teeth inclining and paired jaw teeth elongating, which lead to caries of left teeth, inflammation, occlusal trauma, periodontic diseases, TMJ and so on.

3. Reserving natural teeth is able to offer enough physiological stimulation to the gingiva and the jaw, avoiding the absorption of alveolar and assisting in maintaining oral health.

4. Teeth have influence on facial appearance and long-term lack of teeth or unilateral chew brings about facial dysplasia of the affected side and asymmetry on the two side, affecting facial appearance.

Common tooth diseases include caries, periodontology, wear, micro-fracture, coloring, developmental defects, trauma, malocclusion, pericoronitis of wisdom tooth, etc.


Different measures was adopted according to the severity degree of the caries. When the caries are limited, filling restorations may be applied. When the caries spread to the pulp and cause toothache, root canal therapy is needed. If the left tooth tissue is inadequate, a crown should be used to restore the tooth.

As to phenomena like bleeding during brushing teeth and halitosis, most of which are caused by amount of dental plaque and calculus covering the teeth surface, these can be improved by dental cleaning, and scaling of the subgingival calculus if needed.


Oral diseases are sometimes not as easy and treatments are professional topics, so it is advised that vast audience are examined in standard hospital and choose optimal solution.


Whether the root of tooth can be reserved or not depend on the following factors:

1. Length of the left root;

2. Condition of the gingiva;

3. Severity degree of periapical or periodontic inflammation;

4. Other comprehensive factors


Differences between natural teeth and implanted teeth

Implanted teeth are divided into metal and ceramic, while natural teeth are composed of dental hard tissue and dental pulp. Therefore, natural teeth have biological behavior, but implanted teeth don’t have. For example, natural teeth have dental pulp, which can feel the thermal stimulation of outside world, and periodontal membrane, which can feel the magnitude of the occlusal force and possess certain amount of movement, and these are of vital importance to maintain oral health.


Habits for protecting oral cavity

1. To develop good hygiene habits, like mastering right methods of brushing teeth and cultivating the habits of using dental floss.

2. To develop good dietary habits, like eating food that is rich in dietary fiber, calcium and phosphorus, having less sweet food and gargling after having sweet food.

3. To avoid using teeth as tools, like biting wine bottle cap, hairpin, walnuts shell, bone, etc.

4. To get oral health examination at regular intervals.