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I. project activities

Caring for children's oral cavity large-scale public welfare activity - "the angel of tooth" is a large public welfare activity initiated by China foundation for the prevention and treatment of dental diseases.To promote effective preventive and control measures for dental caries in children and to improve their oral health.This public service activity was initiated in shandong province, and the school-age children in shandong province were recruited to provide dental fluoridation service for three consecutive years free of charge.

2. Facing the crowd:

Children aged 3-12 years in shandong province

3、Recruitment time



A total of 15000 people, each medical institution limited to 1000 people. The quota is full.

5、Service contents and requirements

Each child is provided with one oral health examination, two dental fluoride smears and oral health education free of charge every year. The activity lasted 3 years.
The parents agreed to participate in the project for 3 consecutive years and signed informed consent.

6、exclusion criteria

1, unable to cooperate or vomit strongly reflecting the children. 2, children with asthma history or allergic constitution. 3. Children with endemic fluorosis. 4. Children suffering from diarrhea, colds or other physical discomfort. 5, oral cavity ulcers, herpes stomatitis and other oral mucous membrane damaged children。

Procedures for registration and participation

1. Please register with the attached dental medical institution.
2. According to the actual situation, medical institutions should inform the applicant whether it is included in the scope of service and inform the time range of diagnosis and treatment according to the applicability considerations and application sequence principles.
3. Signed the informed consent of parents.
On the first visit to the clinic, parents should sign the "parental informed consent" in accordance with the principle of "voluntary participation".
The first oral health examination, partial use of fluorine, and oral health education were carried out in the dental institution.
4. Send notification of results to parents according to the results of oral health examination.
5. Make an appointment and inform the next service time.

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