Letter on the launch of the 2018 Beautiful Smile Charity Event 



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Letter on the launch of the 2018 Beautiful Smile Charity Event

2018-09-25 00:00:00

In order to help the poor and care for the oral health of the disadvantaged groups, the China Oral Health Foundation plans to carry out medical assistance public welfare activities for cases with difficult family conditions and complicated cases. To this end, the public is invited to carry out the execution of the 2018 beautiful smile public welfare activities.

1. Rescue objects

Adolescents and adults suffered from malocclusion and poor family conditions are chosen to be assisted.

2. Quota, standard of assistance and the implementation cycle

1) Choose six typical poor patients who need orthodontic treatment nationwide.

2) Fully cover the cost of orthodontic treatment for the recipient.

3) Project execution cycle: September 2018 ~ December 2020.

3. Reporting procedures

1) Application conditions

i. Have a professional orthodontic platform, a team of orthodontic specialists.

ii. There are no fewer than 1000 patients with oral malocclusion each year.

2) Declaration request

i. Complete the “Application Form for Executive Units of the 2018 Beautiful Smile Charity Event” (Annex 1) and complete the submission before the project deadline.

ii. A copy of the unit business license (unified social credit code) and stamped with the official seal.

iii. A copy of the team member's qualification certificate.

3) Approval publicity

The Foundation will organize expert review on the basic situation of the declared execution unit and will publicize the project execution unit that is eligible for funding online.

4. Salvage and material distribution

1) Within 10 days after the project execution unit has been approved, the Foundation will distribute the salvage materials.

2) After the project execution unit has completed all the cases, submit the case report to the Foundation, and the approved assistance will be paid in full after the review.

Application Form Download: Application Form for Candidates of Beautiful Smile Public Welfare Activities in 2018

China Oral Health Foundation

September 4, 2018