Tooth Fairy Program 



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Tooth Fairy Program

2018-12-06 00:00:00

i. Introduction

Angel Project of Teeth Caring is proposed by China Oral Health Foundation, aiming at caring children’s oral health. The targets include popularizing effective child caries prevention measures and enhancing children oral health standards. The project was launched in Shandong province firstly. Children of the right age living in Shandong province are provided free fluoride treatment for 3 years.

ii. Target population

Children living in Shandong province aged 3-12

iii. Start time

Starting from 2018.5.4

iv. The amount of people recruited

Limited to 1000 children each medical facility. Spaces are limited and available on a first come first served basis.

v. Available service and requirements to recruitment

Oral health examination once, fluoride treatment twice and oral health education are available for each kid recruited every year. The project lasts 3 years.

Parents agree to participate in the project for 3 years and sign informed consent.

vi. Exclusion criteria

1.unable to cooperate to the treatment or having strong vomiting reflex. 2.having asthma history or being allergic constitution. in fluorosis areas. 4.suffering diarrhea、influenza or other malaise. 5.having dental ulceraphthosa stomatitis or other oral mucosa lesions.

vii. Entry procedure

1. Sign up in the medical facility listed in the followed appendix.

2. According to the actual conditions and the principle of application, the applicants will be informed whether they are included in the project and the treatment time interval if accepted.

3. Sign the “parent informed consent form” after get agreement with the medical institution according to the principle of “voluntary participation” at the first time. Then children can get their first oral health exam, fluoride treatment and oral health education.

4. Parents will get a confirmation of the oral health exam results.

5. Make an appointment for the next treatment and the medical facility will inform parents at the next time.